Friday, September 21, 2007

Welcome to 5 Things @ EIT

Welcome to 5 Things, a brief introduction to the Learning 2.0 online self-discovery program called 23 Things, that encourages the exploration of web 2.0 tools and new technologies.

This program was originally developed and launched for the staff at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County in August 2006 with a total of 352 PLCMC participants creating blogs and many additional guests joining in. Since the program's launch, the exercises here have helped other library systems develop programs of their own, the first being the Yarra Plenty Regional Library system in Melbourne, Australia.

This project is loosely based upon the website 43Things (which allows you to set and track personal goals) and the Stephen Abram article titled 43 Things I (or You) might want to do this year (Information Outlook - Feb 2006).

Although it is about self-discovery, 23 Things is also a social programme that works best if you share & exchange information and tips with your colleagues or peers. If your interest is piqued today and you would like to do the full 23 Things, please get in touch with your friendly eLearning Advisor, Joyce Seitzinger, to adjust the programme for your team.

What to do? Here are the 5 Things...

For this tutorial, there are 5 Things for you to do. Each Thing will show you another web tool. There are many places for you to explore, experiment with, and think about creative ways to use this in your work or to collaborate with other educators.

#1 Create your own blog, then post about it

#2 Share your blog

#3 Explore Flickr and learn more about this popular image sharing tool

#4 Flickr Fun - Mashups & Tools

#5 Learn about tagging & discover

Feel free to look around this web site - it is a place for self-directed and shared learning. If you get stuck, ask the person next to you first.